Presley swims

For many people, trying to get their dog to lose weight seems impossible to do. So, we thought we would share Presley’s journey to a healthier life. Presley was sold as a pet puppy and from veterinary records was physically fit and active for the first 4 years of his life. He lived with an elderly couple who loved him dearly. He participated in obedience classes and was a certified therapy dog.

It was not until his 5th year that Presley began his slow and steady weight gain. Both of his owners had significant health problems resulting in the death of the husband and the wife had increasing dementia. Over the course of 1 year, Presley went from 72 pounds to 126 pounds. Almost twice what he should be weighing. During that time, we doubt he received exercise and we can only speculate that he was allowed to free feed constantly during the day.

When the wife passed away, the son retrieved Presley and he was returned to our kennel. This is something we ask all our puppy owners to do if they cannot keep their dog for any reason. At that time Presley was unable to get into the car, fit through a large kennel dog door, or go up our stairs. He had a hard time getting up from the floor and spent most of his time sleeping.

Complete bloodwork showed to our amazement, that other then obesity, he was completely healthy. But it was obvious that he was miserable and unable to interact with our other house dogs. He even laid down to eat.

We are going to follow this special boy’s journey and post his accomplishments. If you know of someone with and overweight dog, please encourage them to read this and follow some of the guidelines to assist with becoming healthier and happier. 

Presley was cut down to one cup of food twice daily and changed to Science Diet Metabolic Diet. He also gets a can of green beans added to his food to help him feel full without the calories. He receives a Hip Action once daily with glucosamine and Chondroitin for his joints. He is a house dog but he is made to go outside in the early morning and late in the evening when it is cool. He does interact and play with our PBGV Wiggins and gets exercise from the play.


Starting weight was 126 lbs. on June 25, 2021

As of 7/21/2021 Presley now weighs 115 lbs.

As you can see from the pictures, he can now go up and down the stairs to sleep with us. He goes swimming 2-3 times a week and is now playing with the other dogs in the house. He still has a hard time getting up from the floor. Progress is slow but steady and we can’t wait for the two week weigh in!