Mr. Green Jeans, parrot

Meet Mr. Green Jeans!

We added a parrot to our family in 2021. Shari has raised and bottle-fed babies for zoos for many years and owned a Cockatiel for over 15 years. But owning an Amazon was a goal and Mr. Green Jeans was a perfect addition. We received him at 5 weeks of age, and he was hand fed making him friendly and bonded to her.  As with most Amazon’s he loves to talk and sing. He imitates sounds, phrases we repeat often, tunes, and our Papillon’s bark, much to our dismay.

Their average life span is up to 80 years so he is already in our will and will far outlive us!

The yellow-headed amazon, also known as the yellow-headed parrot and double yellow-headed amazon, is an endangered amazon parrot of Mexico and northern Central America. Measuring 15-17 inches in length, it is a stocky short-tailed green parrot with a yellow head. It prefers to live in mangrove forests or forests near rivers or other bodies of water. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the yellow-crowned amazon. It is a popular pet and an excellent talker. Poaching for the international pet trade has driven the species to near-extinction in the wild; around half of all wild-caught birds are thought to die in the process. It is illegal to purchase them unless born in the United States.