Client review from Steve and Jennifer Jordan

We lost our dear golden girl, Gator at 15 years old. We have been grieving the loss for 2 years. When our family was ready, Shari and Kevin helped us with our loss and our search for another once in a lifetime dog. We have 6 kids, one of which is disabled, 4 grandkids and have an active lifestyle. We had a laundry list of wants and needs. We wanted a dog that is very intelligent, structurally sound with an impeccable temperament. A dog that could provide therapy at nursing homes or hospitals, possible obedience and confirmation competition, but most importantly a best friend to all. Tall order, right? Shari and Kevin welcomed us into their family at Lazy Paws and it was very clear how much love, time, effort and energy the put into their dogs. They took the time to get to know us. They chose the puppy that would fit our wants, needs and lifestyle. We welcomed Flirt into our home and hearts. She is the perfect fit. She stops people in their tracks. Everyone wants to meet Flirty Girl and she wants to meet them. We waited for the right breeder, the right puppy and we are so grateful we did Shari and Kevin are always here to help. Thank you Shari and Kevin!

Steve and Jennifer Jordan